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Strange Oval ADW530BT is a 5 x 5 cambered drive plate for asphalt late models. It’s over 1 pound lighter than other equivalent drive plates available and allows for up to 2° of rear camber with straight splined axles. The hub cap comes with 3 socket head cap screws. The race-day aluminum bullet weighs 0.35 lbs. and slides over the existing flat hub cap and is secured with the same flat cap socket head screws. The bullet cap has an indexed fit so the pre-machined lug nut lines on the cap line up exactly with the wheel studs every time. The axles can be removed without having to remove the drive plate from the hub. Simply remove the drive plate hub cap and pull the axle straight out of the axle tube.

5 x 5 Drive Plate, Articulating Assembly with Bullet Cap

SKU: MPP-44008
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